The Whispering Tomb: Part One

Diamond Lake wasn’t as shiny as Edrik said is was going to be – a dirty mining town, seemingly moments away from a giant brawl at all times. The party sold some treasures, bought some gear, and dropped the onyx skull they found in Tal Fen off with a local jeweler, before meeting back up with Edrik at a nearby abandoned mine office.

From here locating the tomb shown to the party in the dead god’s vision was easy, thanks to a gang of local street urchins, but finding the actual burial chamber within has proven a little more difficult.

With their new rat companion safely tucked away in the bottom of a quiver, and after disturbing a pack of hyenas using the top floor as a makeshift den, the dwarves quickly discovered the trick to the coloured lanterns displayed in the upper chamber – though without one more lantern missing they have not yet been able to bypass the wind trap hidden above one of the corridors.

With Calista’s strength, and Orko’s cunning rock throwing skills, the dwarven pair made their way down to a passage below the main chamber, activating a deadly gas trap on the way through. Just as they thought they were safe, the party was surprised by a duo of earth walking cultists. Both clad in dark robes, their enemies were seemingly able to move through the stone itself in order to attack them.

The dwarves made short work of them however, Calista even pulling out a symbiote – a rough strand of living, attacking muscle – from one of the cultist’s throat once the battle was won.

Now in the depths of the Whispering Tomb, in an unnaturally cold corridor, the heroes are ready to press on.


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The Whispering Tomb: Part One

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