Prologue : Episode Two

storms and spiders and stoney sanctuaries

After bursting into the old chapel and defeating the goblin alchemist who was responsible for raising the dead that have been attacking Tal Fen, our dwarven pair are celebrated as heroes of the town.

The villagers sensed something amiss when the pair produced the eery looking onyx skull they had taken from the chapel and were glad to help Calista and Orko on to their next destination, an old mine just out of Blackroot about a day or so away. Foden Oakenheart, the innkeeper of the Blue Bard and now temporary mayor of Tal Fen, rewarded the adventurers with all that the town could spare – a few trinkets and scrolls for the two rituals Foden knew how to cast.

The storm caught them on the way to the mine, along with a pack of phase spiders very interested in Orko’s blink dog. They made quick work of the creatures with the encouragement of Tegor Tomehammer and spent the night camped with him in a nearby ruined tower. Tegor was on his way to Diamond Lake with his shade to fulfil his dream of mining up his own solid gold teeth.

He shared tales with them, inscribing beautifully poetic runes on Calista’s armour in an attempt to curry favour with her, and taught the party a few new rituals before seeing them off to Blackroot.



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