Prologue : Episode Three

something smells like a forgotton god down here

Blackroot Mine was apparently not as abandoned as everyone kept telling the heroes, but was filled with a bunch of very stabby bandits. The party made quick work of these fiends, refusing to be gouded into their obvious traps, fighting until only one of the bandits was left. Calista, the apparent “good” dwarf, was all for pushing him down a possibly bottomless shaft but they decided to rouse him for a quick chat instead. As a reward for their kindness, he stabbed Orko in the chest before dying.

With most of the mining corridors already collapsed, the pair took the fastest route available – straight through a bridge and down the side of the mine shaft wall. What they found at the bottom was not what they were expecting.

They interrupted a forboding looking ritual and were introduced to a seemingly trust-worthy wererat named Edrik Lightfoot, and his vermin familiar Temrik. Edrik was in the process of betraying an old, slumbering god but the party reminded him of his promises to help the forgotten god rise again.

The god spoke to the now three adventurers, showing them visions of a bustling mining town next to a murky lake, of a tomb that softly sung and of an amulet with the power to return the god to sanity.

Edrik, his excitment at being involved now obvious, filled them in as best he could – the vision had to be of Diamond Lake, a moderately sized mining town a few days away. Edrik tells them of the gift the forgotten god has bestowed on him and the god offers the party another. They receive the Gift of Understanding; the power to memorise and cast rituals using their own health instead of costly components.

Now on route to Diamond Lake, Edrik has much to tell the party that he was not comfortable speaking of in his god’s presence. He explains the worm he coughed up that shriveled and died after their battle together – given to him by what he thought were wizards, along with the ritual to harness the dead god’s power. It gave him knowledge of religion and gods and rituals, but also gave his wererat side more control, sending him into a permanent rage. Anger enough not to notice ritual wasnt quite what they said it was. Without the worm sending pulses of darkness through his mind, Edrik believes the ritual was actually a link spell, like the hook on a fishing rod, so the god could be found.

That’s all he knows, but these wizards said they were on the way to Diamond Lake..



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