Prologue : Episode One

but i don't want to be a resurrectionist

The heroes arrive in Tal Fen, searching for their corpse delivering contact Kuru.

They’re told by the innkeeper that the town has been attacked by the walking dead, so headed up to the local graveyard to put a stop to things.

Once there, they fought skeletons, undead hounds, rats and zombies, and watched as a mysterious ghoulish looking goblin caused the dead to rise in front of their eyes before escaping.

After exploring a secret underground crypt, Callia and Orko found a list of locations inscribed on a scroll. All of the names had been hastily crossed out, apart from the town they were currently visiting and the words “Blackroot Mine”.

The pair saved one of the villagers and her child before helping a lost and unhappy ghost save her brother’s soul.

It’s now close to midnight, and the only thing left in the graveyard to explore is the old, crumbling chapel.


The heroes picked up the following treasure whilst adventuring :

2 gold rings, worth 50gp each.
An antique bow, worth approximately 100gp to a collector.
A dark and foreboding looking mace, spiked and crusted with dried blood, taken from an angry spirit’s crypt.

The innkeep also gave the heroes a Potion of Healing each, and promised them a reward if they saved the missing villagers.

Prologue : Episode One

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